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Focusing on the EFQM model of the European Foundation for Quality Management, valido developed the first employee app in Germany for digital communication and information of all employees at Schindlerhof as a web app in 2010, further developed as a hybrid application in 2014 and the latest generation in cooperation with VR Bank Starnberg (joint data protection and IT security concept, Bafin/MaRisk, EU-GDPR, Server in Germany - ISO27001) as a fully native app, which was especially designed for the operating system of the respective end devices (iOS & Android) as well as PC/Browser and is being developed agilely in close coordination.

The system, which has been permanently further developed by valido together with the Schindlerhof team for 10 years in practical use and has been proven in more than 630 small and medium-sized enterprises, large companies, banks, associations, medical institutions, cities and communities as well as clubs in 120 countries, is available online and mobile or as an app for smartphones and tablets - to support transparency, networking, mobile communication and optimal services.

The Schindlerhof, leading conference hotel in Germany, four times winner of the highest German quality award of the initiative LEP & Winner European Quality Award of the EFQM as well as Germany's best employer at Great Place to work 2013 and 2018 - cross-sectoral up to 500 employees - is thanks to valido employee app also special award winner Knowledge & Competence.

For the Schindlerhof, "Excellence" means being holistically oriented. It affects all conceivable interest groups (e.g. customers, employees, suppliers, partners, owners, etc.). The valido platform is therefore used in holistic communication, internally and externally.


European Quality Award

The Schindlerhof is the first German winner of the highest European quality award.

Winner & Special Prizes (Customer Focus and People Orientation) of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM):

European Role Model on People Development and Involvement (with the MAX-Toolbox as an essential component).


Ludwig Erhard Prize

The Schindlerhof is a four-time winner of the highest German quality award (German EFQM Excellence Index - Platinum).


Great Place to work

The Schindlerhof is Germany's best employer in 2013 and 2018, cross-industry up to 500 employees and thanks to the valido employee app also special prize winner "Knowledge & Competence".

GPTW Europe 2018 - 15th place in Europe.
Best employer in Europe for 6 years.

With a focus on Employer Branding and Employer Value Proposition (EVP), valido makes a very important contribution to strengthen the employer brand and employee satisfaction. At Schindlerhof all employees are equipped with iPads to use the employee app. In 2018, more than 300 trainees from the EU applied for 10 vacant training positions at Schindlerhof.


Special award 2018 for human potential promoting personnel management

Awarded by Great Place to Work and Human Capital Club to Schindlerhof Kobjoll GmbH




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Against the shortage of skilled workers: The Schindlerhof strategy.


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On request, our team will support you in the implementation and realisation of the system in your company.

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