The future of internal communication is mobile. HUMANSTARSapp - the original.

HUMANSTARSinnovation - CIP/Kaizen,
HUMANSTARSindex - 360° feedback



Employee app & collaboration platform for midmarket and large enterprises.
Fast accessibility and personalized interaction with all desk and non-desk employees, customers and partners


Beyond the basic functions integrated in the employee app, take advantage of turnkey ENTERPRISE solutions - Exclusive & Premium in your company's corporate design incl. 24h setup, guide for data protection-compliant use of the app in the company, phone & video training, 365 days tel. support.

Enterprise solutions are developed by valido and individualized according to your company's specifications. Your data is located 100% on our servers with Docker technology in Germany (ISO27001/EU-DSGVO/100% green power/no cloud solution) and is directly supported by us (compatibility with your existing technical infrastructure) or, if desired, is located on-premise on your server - optionally interactively linked with project management & innovations and MAX from the valido toolbox.

Reach all desk & non-desk employees faster mobile, on the PC or via digital signage. valido can either be extended to the Employee Experience Intranet itself or serve your (commercial) employees, especially without a PC workstation, as a mobile access point to the existing intranet (SAP, Microsoft 365, esp. Teams and SharePoint) - the "front-door" with direct connection to already existing or frequently used systems or automated workflows via zapier, to the digital workplace (Digital Workplace).

Ideally suited also as a platform for secure interaction with your customers and partners.

ENTERPRISE features at a glance:


All the basic functions integrated in valido – the employee app include

Turnkey solutions for medium-sized and large companies

Quick setup of the native App & Browser version, phone & Webex training, new features & updates, 365 days phone support including

Employee App & Collaboration Platform EXCLUSIVE & PREMIUM

App icon on mobile devices, branding of the loading and start screen in valido design (EXCLUSIVE) or in corporate design (PREMIUM)

Login area in corporate design, individual menu, wording & languages

Unlimited number of users / scalability via docker technology

Platform ideal also as information platform for your corporate customers / address, provision of information per customer individually possible / closed communication (chat & video conference) with key account

Used data volume within the platform unlimited

Direct links / Connection of own tools

Multilingualism / Translate posts in 109 languages automatically in real time


Telephone and video conferencing & online meetings (additional module)

Digital signage (optional)

Mobile access point to the intranet / compatibility with existing technical infrastructure - SAP, Microsoft 365, esp. Teams and SharePoint (optional)

Plugins based on the valido RESTful API / Connect own systems via interfaces or automated workflows via zapier - Active Directory/LDAPS, XML (optional)

On-Premise Setup / own servers (optional)

VPN / Single Sign-On / two-factor authentication (optional)

HUMANSTARSinnovation (CIP/Kaizen)

Agile working, projects, collaborative working on documents, company suggestion scheme, idea management, continuous improvement process, tasks, To Do lists, deadlines


With Project Management, you can work in an agile way, manage entire projects, collaborate on documents, assign tasks, maintain personal To Do lists, and transparently see who is doing what and what still needs to be done.


Innovations, continuous improvement process (CIP), idea management can be ideally mapped digitally and transpartently for all employees, even across multiple locations. No idea is lost, and employees receive direct feedback on their own ideas from those responsible for the CIP or their managers via push message.


Joint work on documents

Tasks and subtasks

To do-lists


Deadlines and status

Description of tasks

Attachments (files and documents)


Open ideas

Ideas in process

Completed projects & ideas

CIP Dates

Auto-Push News




Digitization of the mission statement, employee self-reflection, leadership assessment, BSC, mood barometer


Every employee who continuously works on himself or herself out of his or her own intrinsic motivation, takes advantage of the company's continuing education and training opportunities for his or her own personal development, identifies with his or her own company, and involves himself or herself more or less like a "co-entrepreneur", consistently develops himself or herself as a person and thus also contributes as an employee in total to the company's further development.

The MAX enables your employees to conduct a regular personal strengths and weaknesses analysis. Employees regularly evaluate themselves based on company-specific criteria that fix your company's mission statement (self-reflection). The entries are checked by the team leaders. In case of strong deviations, a clarifying discussion takes place.

Today, it is no longer sufficient to hold an employee appraisal once or twice a year. Instead, employees expect their managers to provide transparent feedback on their performance on a regular basis. The same applies to managers in the company: Only those who exemplify enthusiasm can pass it on.

Employee self-reflection

Team Index & Balanced Scorecard

Company Index

Management evaluation

Training videos with control questions


Sentiment Barometer




Push messages

The employee app & collaboration platform